Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is
The is a free, volunteer-based website designed to help trace mathematicians' genealogy. Mathematicians are usually the most hard-working people, but might not get that much respect/reputation in reality. To remember their hard work, we want to trace back extensively from all the mathematicians, to find their original mathematical roots, to help them feel more proud of themselves.

How do we calculate the generation from the other famous mathematicians?

Remember the concept of Isomorphisms in advanced algebra? We are using a similar idea here to calculate the generation from those famous mathematicians. If A's advisor is B, and B had another student C, then A is 0 generation from C, mathematically equivalent.

How do I navigate the MathFamilyTree?
1.On The family detail page, you need to use the right bottom corner zoom-in tool:

2. In case if you want to move the whole graph, and somehow the regular dragging is not working. Then you need to click the Hand Sign first, then move the whole graph to the left/right/up/down.

3. Use the +/- sign to zoom in/out for the whole graph.

What if I find a mistake?
You are very welcome to contact us if you find any mistakes, or have any concerns via our Contact us page.

We want to thank the huge support from Mathematics Genealogy Project at Department of Mathematics from North Dakota State University. We are standing on that big giant!

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